Biodegradable & Compostable Bag Manufacturer

As a leading bioplastics manufacturer, we specialize in the production of compostable modified resins, compostable films, and packaging bags. With over 20 years of industrial experience, we boast an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of modified raw materials and finished bags. We offer customized services tailored to our clients' specific needs. Our primary focus is on researching and developing compostable resins and bags to promote sustainability within our community.
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30,000 square meters
With independent production plant, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, complete machinery and equipment, and a large number of employees. Welcome to visit us at any time.
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20+ years experience
Since 2000, our company has been focusing on manufacturing modified raw materials and various types of bags with different sizes, logos, and colors.
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Full certifications
Products have passed the international authority OWS testing, and obtained the EU OK Compost, home compost certification, EU EN13432, Australia AS4736 and AS5810, American BPI, and ASTM D6400 certificate.
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R&D and customization
According to customer requirements, from raw material modification, bag research and development, and packaging design to equipment customization, a set of efficient industrial chains has been formed.

Our Certifications

Our compostable resins and bags have successfully passed numerous rigorous tests conducted by some of the world's most prestigious laboratories.

Why ShinHigh?

strong production capacity

With a track record dating back to 2000, we’ve grown our business through grinding and increasing experience, which allows us to handle various problems and produce high-quality products. We have cooperated with numerous domestic and overseas companies and proven our reliability.

At ShinHigh, we have over 200 employees, annually manufacturing 20,000 tons of compostable modified raw materials and finished bags, ensuring every customer gets their product as soon as possible.

a wide variety of compostable bags
  • Biodegradable modified raw material: XH-918, SH-133
  • Biodegradable products: die-cut handle bags, t-shirt bags, trash bags, dog poop bags, trash bags with drawstrings, courier bags, self-adhesive bags, ziplock bags, packaging films for knives & forks & spoons, and lamination films for trays, disposable gloves, aprons, transparent packaging bags, flower packing bags, gift packing bags, industrial packaging bags, etc.
  • Biodegradable equipment: biodegradable materials for the special film-blowing machine, printing machine, cutting machine, and recycling granulator.
quality test

We have ISO9001 and SQP quality management system certifications and passed BSCI, Amazon, and Woolworths factory audits. We guarantee that every product complies with standards and promise to supply superior modified raw materials and compostable bags for customers.

invention and patents certificate

We have two patented modified raw materials: XH-918 and SH-133. Both materials are certified by BPI and Ok Compost, guaranteeing they are compostable and eco-friendly. All of our products are made from these two raw materials, which are popular in overseas markets.

The Full Lifecycle Development

Our streamline includes raw material production, film blowing, printing, bag cutting, packaging and delivery. All procedures are closely monitored by our skilled team to accommodate customers' needs.
Engage in Sustainable Development
Wide Contact Form
How long is the typical lead time for mass production?

The delivery time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks, depending on your order quantity.

What color options are available for the bags?

The color selection depends on your specific requirements, including original color, black, blue, green, yellow, and more.

How many colors can be used in printing?

A maximum of four colors can be printed. You can print four colors on one side or two colors on each side.

Is it possible to customize the printing?

Yes, absolutely! If you provide us with details such as your company’s name and logo, our designers will recommend a suitable pattern for you.


What kind of services do you offer?

We offer a range of services including guidance on raw material usage and customization assistance.

How long does it take for compostable bags to decompose?

Under specific conditions, our compostable bags will decompose into water, carbon dioxide, and other materials within six months.

What is the shelf life of your compostable bags?

Our compostable bags have a shelf life of 12 months.

What is the shelf life of your compostable modified raw materials?

The shelf life of our compostable modified raw materials is six months.

How to Customize Your Bags?

To customize your bags, please provide detailed information, including material, size, type, and color. Here are the options available:

Color: While the majority of our bags are green, we offer a variety of colors to meet your specific requirements.

Printing: Personalize your bags by printing your logo and preferred patterns on them.

Types: Choose from a range of bag types, including die-cut handle bags, t-shirt bags, flat bags, and drawstring bags.

Material: Our materials include PBAT, PLA, Corn starch/PBAT, and PLA.

Thickness: If you don’t know the exact thickness you need, feel free to let us know your use cases and scenarios, we are more than happy to recommend the optimal thickness for you!

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